Check for presence of email address in query string?

Hi everyone. Apologies if this is a n00b question, I just can't find the answer anywhere, and my Kibana / RegEx knowledge is failing me. Say my logs' msg field contains a value like this:

I need to find all log entries where etc=1 and bar contains an email address. I can do the etc part - that's easy - and I'd even settle for entries where bar contains the @ symbol, but I just can't find the right syntax, be it RegEx, escaping, or whatever.

Ideas gratefully received!

hi @muppix,

would this work for you?


Matching email addresses with regex is notoriously hard, but I got this simple approximation from here:

Hi Thomas,

Apologies for the slow reply - that'll teach me to check my Junk folder more often! I got to the bottom of the issue, and it turns out that we don't index the @ symbol in our implementation, so I'll never be able to find it, regardless of how I search. Bummer.


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