Check, wehen an Engine was last updated

Hi everyone,

We are running a script to keep our engines up to date. So now I try to build a little sanity check that iterates through all engines to see if they are up to date.

Is there a possibility to see, when an engine was last updated?

Thy in advance, John

Hey @John_Agricola ,

That's not something that we currently expose through our APIs. If you have a support relationship with Elastic, I'd encourage you to reach out and request that as an Enhancement Request.

In the meantime, as a workaround, you can find this metadata embedded in the Elasticsearch records we use to track Engines. Note that since it's not part of our API, this underlying data model is subject to change between versions, so I wouldn't rely on it for production, but if it's just a trouble-shooting step, you should be ok.

You'd want to do something like:

GET .ent-search-actastic-engines*/_search

(note that the suffix is a version counter that increments as you upgrade, so you want the largest number suffix present in your cluster)

and the response records should include an updated_at timestamp.

Hope this helps!

Yeah, this helps... otherwise i can query for all docs and sort :slight_smile:

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