Chef-solo monit and elasticsearch version issues


I am currently trying to install elasticsearch on amazon (amazon ami) using
the chef-solo tutorial (
I followed this tutorial couple months ago and was successfully running an
ES cluster since then.

While doing a "test-run" I realised that the monit version is rather old
and that it is not inline any longer with the updated cookbook resulting in
an error (e.g. I
changed this by pulling the newest version from and it installs just fine.

Now I am just wondering why I am getting a "green" for the cluster health

Remote Host 'elasticsearch_cluster_health'
status online with all services
monitoring status monitored
port response time 0.008s to[HTTP via TCP]
data collected Sat Mar 22 11:39:32 2014

Should the cluster health check fail since it is only one node?

I also tried to update the version to 1.0.1. For that I spun up another
instance using the same settings - but changing the version number in

1.0.1. I saw that there are many issues/pull request regarding the
upgrade - so I was thinking that a fresh install would avoid all this.

The bootstrap script and everything runs fine - but the es service will not
start. Trying to start es manually show the error:

{1.0.1}: Initialization Failed ...

  • ElasticsearchIllegalStateException[Failed to obtain node lock, is the
    following location writable?:
    IOException[failed to obtain lock on
    IOException[Cannot create directory:

Now I am wondering how to adjust the cookbook to set the paths right and
avoid the lock error. Or is there another preferred way of upgrading?

I also tried this using ubuntu server (using the updated setup instruction
etc from the elasticsearch-cookbook github page) and ran into the same
issues. Maybe somebody has similar issues/experiences.

Thanks a lot for your help,

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