Elasticsearch installation and configuration

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Hello Experts,

I am Planning to install Elasticsearch in my environment PROD,

can you suggest me with Pre-Req? Also do we need license version ?

How to make it has how automation for installation /upgrade?

(Thomas Decaux) #2


You don't need any licence for elasticsearch "alone".

About automation, there are a ton of good tutorial to work with Chef, Ansible etc... Search on elastic Github:

(john) #3

Thanks for you response, do you recommend to have X-pack for it even if it is alone ELASTIC SEARCH setup? we are setting up 5.3.0, what your suggestions for me?

(Thomas Decaux) #4

It depends what you need, read documentation and product presentation, you should understand what it's good for you or not.

(Stiv Ostenberg) #5

Been struggling with the Ansible Playbook. Have run into problems with JAVA_HOME (seems to be using 1.7 at install time, had to fix that) and quite a few errors related to permissions on the host. I overcame these by sprinkling "become: true" wherever I ran into permission problems. Will try an end to end run again, to check, but not impressed by the ease of use of the Playbook, though it looks quite simple.
I am not installing on localhost, running it against an AWS instance. My goal is a functioning ELK stack, but it is proving quite difficult.

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