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Hello All,

Am new to this platform, In my project we are having Java 1.6 as Production environment, Now planning to migrate it to Java 1.7_55

So now the requirement came to upgrade the ELK setup as well. When i did small research into my prod environment

I can see Logstash 1.4.1 and Kibana 3 was there.

Some one please let me know which latest version of ELK can be upgrade with java 1.7

Most of the recent versions of ELK requires Java 1.8 when i read installation steps.



(David Pilato) #2

Why would you migrate to a java version which is no more supported by its vendor!
Just install Java8.

(Navaneethakumar) #3

Its all security team and project team subject :frowning:

I too suggested the same.

Please help in Choosing the right version which can give me more output in ELK with Java 1.7

(Christian Dahlqvist) #4

If you look at the support matrix, you will not be able to go higher than Elasticsearch 2.4 if you stay on Java 7 (which has been EOL for over 3 years...). Given that Java7 has not been patched for quite some time, I would expect the security team to prefer a more up-to-date version...

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Thanks Chris, For your suggestion and update.

yes this suggestion was given in many time, Due to funding still its on hold.

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