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Hello All,

Am new to this platform, In my project we are having Java 1.6 as Production environment, Now planning to migrate it to Java 1.7_55

So now the requirement came to upgrade the ELK setup as well. When i did small research into my prod environment

I can see Logstash 1.4.1 and Kibana 3 was there.

Some one please let me know which latest version of ELK can be upgrade with java 1.7

Most of the recent versions of ELK requires Java 1.8 when i read installation steps.



Why would you migrate to a java version which is no more supported by its vendor!
Just install Java8.

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Its all security team and project team subject :frowning:

I too suggested the same.

Please help in Choosing the right version which can give me more output in ELK with Java 1.7

If you look at the support matrix, you will not be able to go higher than Elasticsearch 2.4 if you stay on Java 7 (which has been EOL for over 3 years...). Given that Java7 has not been patched for quite some time, I would expect the security team to prefer a more up-to-date version...

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Thanks Chris, For your suggestion and update.

yes this suggestion was given in many time, Due to funding still its on hold.

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