Cisco FTD Integration Dashboard Missing

Hi all,

I've setup a fleet server and elastic agent to pull logs in with the Cisco FTD integration, and I can see the logs growing in my fleet datastreams. When I try to view the dashboard it's not there. I can't see the syslog messages with a manual search either because the old logstash setup is no longer ingesting them. Do I need to manually create the dashboard or is something missing?

Thank you,


As an aside to this, I wanted to see if my dashboards, fleet, agent, etc. was configured so I added the Windows integration, which immediately picked up data and added dashboards as well.

Update: Added the Cisco IOS integration and added a router to the system, logs are coming in for both modules, just no dashboards or visible data in the UI, anybody know which logs pertain to the integration/agent pieces on Windows machines?

Update: Was able to install the elastic agent on several machines, and utilize the windows logs, iis logs, etc. multiple other integrations. The Cisco integrations still do not appear to be working.

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