IIS integration dashboards missing

Hi all,

After a successful deploiement of Fleet-Server and Elastic-Agent on a IIS server, sadly I couldn't find the associated dashboards that should come with the IIS integration.

Is it a limitation of a basic subscription?

Any other idea please?
Thanks a lot for your help.

In Kibana > Fleet > IIS integration that you've installed, do you see the dashboards listed under the Assets tab?

Thanks a lot for the feedback @ebeahan.

It seems that in all the spaces, I have this message :

  • This integration is installed, but no assets are available in this space

But in one space, Dashboards are listed in the Assets tab (as suggested) and available.
So now I will have no problem to copy them from Stack Management > Kibana > Saved Objects but I don't know why they land in this specific space...


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