Elastic System Integration dashboard issue

Mistakenly I have deleted the inbuilt dashboards of System integration with elastic.

Is there any way that I can get those dashboards back?

You can go to the Settings page of the integration and reinstall the assets

Hi @Shaoranlaos ,

I don't see an option to uninstall/Reinstall under the settings tab.

On which version are you? May be that is a feature that was added later (i'm on 8.4.3).

Did you click on Assets?

Hi @stephenb

Its 7.17.4

Yeah do not do that!!! :slight_smile: (Sorry couldn't help myself)

OK @subash Yes in 8.x you can reload ...

I tried a version upgrade that did not work 7.17.3 to 7.17.4

This is what it is looking like what you are going to need to do...

Did you Delete just the Dashboard or Viz or Saved Searches or All ...

If you deleted all the dependent objects : the Visualization and Saved Searched I would Follow this order

  1. Saved Searches
  2. Visualizations
  3. Dashboards

if you execute this it will download the assets as a .zip file

curl -O https://epr.elastic.co/search?package=system&kibana.version=7.17.3

You will get a directory structure that looks like this

Screen Shot 2022-11-11 at 3.07.52 PM

Go into dashboard and you will see this

hyperion:dashboard sbrown$ pwd
hyperion:dashboard sbrown$ ls
system-01c54730-fee6-11e9-8405-516218e3d268.json*       system-Logs-syslog-dashboard.json*
system-035846a0-a249-11e9-a422-d144027429da.json*       system-Metrics-system-overview.json*
system-0d3f2380-fa78-11e6-ae9b-81e5311e8cab.json*       system-Metrics-system-overview.ndjson
system-277876d0-fa2c-11e6-bbd3-29c986c96e5a.json*       system-Windows-Dashboard.json*
system-5517a150-f9ce-11e6-8115-a7c18106d86a.json*       system-bae11b00-9bfc-11ea-87e4-49f31ec44891.json*
system-71f720f0-ff18-11e9-8405-516218e3d268.json*       system-bb858830-f412-11e9-8405-516218e3d268.json*
system-79ffd6e0-faa0-11e6-947f-177f697178b8.json*       system-d401ef40-a7d5-11e9-a422-d144027429da.json*
system-8223bed0-b9e9-11e9-b6a2-c9b4015c4baf.json*       system-f49f3170-9ffc-11ea-87e4-49f31ec44891.json*

these are the Dashboards you will need to upload each one through saved object but FIRST you need to convert them to .ndjson

You will nee a tool like jq which is awesome get it from here

then you will run...

$ cat *.json | jq -c > all.ndjson

That will convert to all the dashboards to ndjson into 1 file!

Then you will upload using Stack Management -> Saved Objects

Hope this help!

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