No dashboard is created when adding integrations

Hi I have setup Fleet in my cluster & installed elastic agent on one of my servers & it is sending metrics to elasticsearch & it is showing up in Discover in kibana.
The thing is, when I am adding integrations no dashboard is going to be created automatically in Dashboard app but the data are coming to my server & discover app.
Can someone help me find the reason of this behavior? I am using elasticsearch 8.7

Hi @hoomant Welcome to the community.

Please provide more details such as

What Integration are you using?

After you added the integration did you see if there were any assets loaded?

Did you then go and see if there are associated data streams?

Once we see that perhaps we can take next steps ...

Hi @stephenb
I am currently using the nginx & system asset.
After adding the integration, no asset is loaded in both integrations:

But there are assicated data streams & they are being updated:

Did you actually install the assets?

It said that it was installed but when I tried to click on the reinstall button, it gave me the 'something went wrong' error.
Finally, I uninstalled the agent, unerolled it, then first go the settings tab of the nginx integration (like the image you sent me) & installed the nginx assets, then added the integration(previously I had first installed the agent then added the integration into it) and clicked the add the elsatic agent to the cluster & this time both data & all of the saved searches & dashboards for me.
Thank you very much!

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