Clearing selection for dropdowncontrol in Canvas

I have a dropdowncontrol A, and then a dropdowncontrol B. A filters B, which works fine.
But once I make a choice in B, changing the choice in A doesn't remove the choice in B: it just adds up to it, causing B to show no value and any other element filtered by both A and B to have contradicting filters.
Is there any way to achieve this?


The dropdown controls aren't aware of each other. Each of them controls a global filter which is set when you select a value. You have to change the initial one manually.

Hi Marius,
The issue is that once I choose a selection in A, after making a choice in B, the filter is an intersection of the values selected in A and B. If that intersection is empty, a choice can't be made in B anymore, and the other components are affected by the contradicting filters as well.
I'm not sure what you meant by "manually" - what I'm asking is if there any way to remove the choice made in B once I make a choice in A.


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