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I have a requirement select atleast one value from the dropdown created using Controls visualization.

In existing setup, I have hardcoded and set the default value of dropdown and whenever the dashboard is loaded for the first time the results are displayed with the filter applied.

Now, If a user wants to change the filter, a user has to delete the existing filter which will populate the complete dashboard with the entire data without any filter and then only the user can select another value to filter.
My requirement is to not load the full dataset while changing the value of the filter. I want the data to load only if at least one value from the options list is selected.
How do I achieve the same ?

Hey! I see, I am afriad this is not possible neither with the old or the new controls. @devon.thomson am I right? It is something we would like to have as an option? :thinking:

Yes, Stratoula is correct that this isn't possible with Controls. We don't have the ability to force a selection on the roadmap, but we are considering adding similar behaviour.

The new controls have the ability to only allow a single selection at a time. If you turn off multiselect, selecting a new dropdown item deselects the currently selected option. This doesn't stop a user from manually deselecting the option that is currently selected.

To help with that, we are considering adding a feature to allow dashboard authors to disable deselection. With those two settings combined you would be able to enforce this behaviour.

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