Is it possible to make a filter mandatory to choose in controls visualization?

I was trying to add some controls to my visualizations but I faced an issue that results can also be loaded whenever the user has not chosen any field. In my case, if that happens, my dashboard will face errors because of loading a lot of data and trying to create visualizations out of them. So, is it possible to make any field mandatory to choose in controls visualization?

For more clearance, I don't want users to try to create visualizations when the filters for 'DUT Type' and 'Version' are empty. (Refer the snapshot)

That does not look like something you can do right now with Input Controls. I've checked the current list of enhancements requests for this feature and I don't see anything like your request, please feel free to create one with your requirements. In any case, mind that this is an experimental feature.

The only workaround I can think about is to save your dashboard with the control filters applied, so the dashboards starts filtered and then add some instructions in a Markdown panel to inform about the need to keep them populated.

Okay, thanks @jsanz for the suggestion. I'll create a request for the feature. For now, markdown with instructions will work for me.

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