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I was wondering if and how it is possible to select a certain field filter, and have it only filter the option fields inside the controls visualization?
For example, by selecting field of option 1, fields of option 2 would be filtered based on it. Afterwards, after selecting field 2, have field 2 filter exclusively applied to the rest of the dashboard. As if field 1 is the parent control for field 2, but only field 2 gets applied on the dashboard.
Thank you!

Hey, this isn't possible at the moment, you would have to delete the field 1 after applying.

I totally see the usefulness of this feature though - feel free to open a feature request here:

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Thank you for the response.
If I delete field 1 after applying it automatically removes field 2 in this use case.

I see, I meant deleting in the filter bar below the query input after you hit "apply"

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Thank you.
I submitted a feature request, I would love to see it implemented :slight_smile:
Have a nice day!

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