Clickable Link in Kibana with Authentication Header


I have two external applications that I would like to have a clickable link in Kibana that opens the third party app.

I have seen the URL field and that would work fine if auth was in a GET parameter, however in this case both web apps need to have an authentication header passed for, well, authentication.

Here is the request I am trying to recreate with the clickable link in Kibana (would like open in new tab or ideally pull the json results into elastic):
curl -s -H "key: key_value_here" (assuming IP address field I am making clickable).

Does anyone have any suggestions on the cleanest, best way to accomplish such a task?


Hi there, it sounds like you want to let the user click a link, which then redirects them to your third party app, which is then rendered in the browser. And as part of that redirect, you'd also like to be able to specify the headers sent as part of the GET request. If that's correct, then unfortunately this isn't possible. AFAIK, it's a limitation of the web (not Kibana) that you can't specify headers for a window location redirect, either via HTML link or JavaScript redirect.