Clicking on one term in Kibana Visualization Legend shows two values

I have a visual builder chart that aggregates (sums) a count value and then groups the top 10 terms. Usually I can click on one of the terms in the legend and it will gray out the other values and only show one line. However, there is a case where this does not work.

If I click on "Subscriber-Control_Plane_Spark_SIP", the other legends are grayed out, but the chart displays two lines. The green "Subscriber-Control_Plane" line overwrites the blue "Subscriber-Control_Plane_Spark_SIP", which is all that is supposed to be displayed. Apparently this is because "Subscriber-Control_Plane" is also at the beginning of the requested term value. The same issue happens if I select "Subscriber-Control_Plane_Spark_CPEvent".

This is not the correct behavior. If I click "Subscriber-Control_Plane" in the legend, it only displays the green "Subscriber-Control_Plane" line. Is this a bug?

Hi @silentfilm that seems like a bug for sure.
What is the version of kibana you are running? I'd like to check if that was already solved in a future release or if that is a new bug.

Thanks. I'm using 6.7.1.

Thanks, I've asked but seems that no one has seen this bug before. Do you mind open a ticket on GH for that?

I've opened GitHub bug .

Thanks so much

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