Kibana Controls shows only top 10 values

Hi guys,

I'm building some kibana dashbaords using control panel and I have a problem because control panel is showing only the first 10 values or at least it seems so.

I understand that control panel does a terms aggregation that depends on timeout and terminateAfter properties, however I've set these properties to 1500 and 2000000 respectively and the behavior is the same.

Don't really know if this is a limitation having into account that this panel is experimental or whether there is anything else I could try to solve it.

About the kibana version I'm using 7.16.

I'd appreciate any suggestion or idea.

can this be caused by the timerange?
for last 15 minutes:

for last year, all the cities that exist in this timerange:

Hi Marta,

I tested using several timeranges (minutes, hours, even 30 days) however the results were the same 10 results. Don't know if this is due to we have a constant flow of incoming documents to feed these dashs.

I suppose that somehow the terms aggregation built by the panel might have been set in 10, but just that I don't see that property in the configs when editing it.

Ok, I found the answer: disable in the control "Dynamic option" and set number of max "size". That should help!

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Also there is an option on the Control Under Options to use Time Picker Interval I believe, that might help.


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