Clone kibana_user role without Manage/Delete privs

We have some users that need to view the data in the dashboards and query via discover. We've given them kibana_user role but they can also make changes to advanced settings and access dev tools on indices they have rights to. The kibana_dashboard_only_user role doesn't give them rights to discover which they need. We are on 6.3.

Anyway we can clone kibana_user role that doesn't include manage or delete privileges or create a new role that had .kibana* privileges?


Hello @uklipse -

I'm curious if you've tried creating a new role via the management UI -

It sounds to me like you need a role that specifies dashboard access and provide access to the necessary indices.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have further questions.

Yes, that worked. I never saw the kibana-* listed under available indicies but if I manually add it then it worked. Thanks

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