Closed index error

Dear all, latelly I get the following unexpected error: index_closed_exception. I dont really why... I recently have also added alias names to my indexes. Is that causing the problem? After I recreate the indexes I am also setting the following : index.max_result_window = 100.000.
I am using Elastic Search 5.6.8

Thank you!

This means, that someone closed the index - which means you cannot search or index against this index anymore.

You can just try to open your index again and then searches should work. Also you should find out what closed this index. Must have been some script or maybe curator?


Thank you. I really dont know what closed my Index. Only our application creates the index and the data. I am really worried about that.. I have ES for 2 years and it happened the last months. The only changes that I dod make was to add alliases to my indexes and setting index.max_result_window = 100.000 from the application after I create the index. Then I run a indexing task to reindex all the data...

I think about to set cluster.indices.close.enable to false... thanks for the link

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