Cloudflare integration not working

I have set up cloudflare integration already some time time ago, at first it was working without any issue but after recent version updates it's not getting either audit or logpull logs. I have configured everything according to the documentation and after I save integration configuration agent is reporting some errors -

message: "Error while processing http request: failed to execute rf.collectResponse: failed to execute http client.Do: server responded with status code 400: bad query: error parsing time: invalid time range: too early: logs older than 168h0m0s are not available
message: "error processing response: template: :1:28: executing "" at <.last_response.body.response>: map has no entry for key "response""

If I try getting logs manually, using API request, everything works so I suspect problem is somewhere in integrations API side.

What is ur config??

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