Cloudflare integration not working

I added this integration and entered all the required key and creds needed.
still I am not getting any logs from cloudflare and the dashboard and saved search both are empty.

what am I missing?

Check the list of data streams in Index Management and see if you have any Data Stream for cloudflare and share the result.

Also, check the status of the Agent with this integration on Fleet, see if you have any log with any issue for this integration.

no data stream found

Did you check this as well? You need to check the logs for any error.

no errors in logs

What do you have in the logs related to the Cloudflare Logpull integration? You would have something. Please share the logs of your Agent.

Also, just to confirm, you have an Enterprise Cloudflare account right? Can you get the logs using their curl examples in this page?

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We do not have an Enterprise account for the Cloudflare.

Then it will not work, Logpull/Logpush are Enterprise features as you can check here.

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