Elastic Agent logs empty

Hello all,
I've been working on installing integrations in elastic-agent. I removed some existing integrations and tried adding them again and the elastic-agent logs are not showing up in Fleet -> Agents - >logs. I get an error on the UI saying no index found for service-logs*. Any ideas what might be causing this?

Also is it possible to get logs on a per integration level? Lets say I have three integrations 1Password, Apache Server and Tomcat, is it possible to get logs for each integration?

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Can you please provide an explanation of how you set up the Elastic Stack?

You mentioned that when navigating to "Fleet -> Agents -> Logs" in the user interface, you encountered an error indicating that no index was found for "service-logs*."

This error suggests that the agent is unable to send logs to Elasticsearch. To determine the root cause of the issue, it would be necessary to examine the logs at the agent level. By reviewing the agent logs, you can gain a better understanding of the specific problem that is preventing the successful transmission of logs to Elasticsearch.

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