No logs for Elasticsearch

When I open the Stack monitoring page in Kibana it tells me that there are No logs for Elasticsearch and Follow these directions to set up Elasticsearch. Unfortunately the link doesn't really help me. Right at the beginning it tells me to use a Fleet Agent in case I'm using Fleet (and no further hints how to proceed). We're using Fleet, so I installed the Fleet agent on all ELK servers. The agents show up as healthy in Kibana. But I still see the No logs for Elasticsearch error message.
Does someone know how to enable the logs in Kibana Stack monitoring?

Hi @mbby,

Welcome to the community! Are you using Elastic Cloud or an on-prem install?

Hi, we've different on-prem clusters. But all show the same message.

Just to mention: If I go to Observability - Infrastructure - Inventory, then select my host and click on Logs: I could see logs. So it looks like there's data coming in. Only the Stack Monitoring show the error message, that there are no logs.
Is there a way to see what data the Stack Monitoring page is trying to retrieve?

Is there a way to see what query the Stack Monitoring page is using?

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