Elastic-agent - Elasticsearch node monitoring with Elasticsearch integration


I'm new to the concept of the elastic-agent and I've read through the documentation. With that I've spinned up a fleet server with functioning APM integration and system logs/metrics collection.

Now I'm coming to the part of spinning up an elastic-agent with a policy containing the Elasticsearch integration (found in Kibana fleet integration settings https://example.com/app/integrations/detail/elasticsearch-0.2.0).
I'm getting the logs and monitoring data in the datastreams in Elasticsearch so the data is coming in, but the cluster monitoring page is not recognising it at all (https://example.com/app/monitoring).

It just shows it is not getting monitored. Is there something that needs to be further configured to get this page to show the node getting monitored by the elastic-agent?

Sorry in advance if this is not clear enough. If more info is expected or needed, please let me know.

Kind regards,

Elasticsearch 7.16.2
Elastic-agent 7.16.2
Elasticsearch integration v0.2.0 (experimental)
RHEL8 Linux host machine


Can you check if you see any error messages in Kibana logs? If you see documents in the data stream, it means that the integration works correctly and it's a matter of visualization.


Sorry for the delayed response, have been out sick and just checked in again. I have checked the logs and it's not showing me any errors or warnings. Logs of elastic-agent are coming in fine, but the stack monitoring page is just not recognising it.

Might it be that I need another integration next to the Elasticsearch integration?

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