Elastic agent unable to send logs to elasticsearch

I deployed elasticsearch, kibana and logstash on a CentOS 7 virtual machine, and everything is working correctly. Then I created a fleet server and installed an elastic agent on a Windows 11 Vm. The status of my agent is healthy but I am not receiving any data on kibana. On my kibana interface there is no data to display.
if anyone would like to help me please.

Hello @kafikone,

If Elastic Agent is set up and running, but you don’t see data in Kibana:

  1. Go to Management > Dev Tools in Kibana, and in the Console, search your index for data. For example:

GET metrics-*/_search

Or if you prefer, go to the Discover app.

  1. Look at the data that Elastic Agent has sent and see if the name.host field contains your host machine name.

If you don’t see data for your host, it’s possible that the data is blocked in the network, or that a firewall or security problem is preventing the Elastic Agent from sending the data.

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