Cluster data retention settings


I am migrating from ILM to using the data retention settings. The documentation states:

Currently, it defaults to max_age=auto,max_primary_shard_size=50gb,min_docs=1,max_primary_shard_docs=200000000

These settings are apparently found in:

Where can I view, edit these settings?

GET _cluster/settings does not display them.


GET _cluster/settings only displays the settings you've changed. You want GET _cluster/settings?include_defaults.

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Many thanks David, that's perfect.

Another related question, as stated above, I am moving away from ILM, but we use hot, warm, cold storage tiers with ILM. Do the Elastic data retention settings have access to the different tiers, and if so, how are they configured? I have been unable to find that information in the documentation.


I don't think data stream lifecycle supports hot/warm/cold, no. If you need that, stick with ILM.

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