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Hi Experts,

We have implemented a standalone ELK stack (A cluster with one node) for Production.
I understand that you assign 2 or more replicas in multiple nodes, which in our case is not applicable. When we go to the monitoring dashboard (from Kibana) it says that our Elasticsearch health is yellow and based from the articles I've read so far - it is due to unassigned replicas. Is there a way we could temporarily disable it just to eliminate the 'warning' status?


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Each index has a setting, number_of_replicas, which controls the number of replicas. If you set this to zero then Elasticsearch will not try and allocate any replicas.

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Yes, the number of replicas can be set to zero using the following -
curl -X PUT "<>:9200/<>/_settings" -H 'Cont4nt-Type: application/json' -d'
"number_of_replicas": 0


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Really appreciate your response! :slight_smile: Issue is fixed.


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