Cluster health set to yellow

I am new to elasticsearch and I am running the same on windows using bin\elasticsearch. I have set the number of shards to 3 and number of replicas to 1 in custom settings. I am creating a copy of elasticsearch in same directory and changing the node name and port in the yaml file. Still the cluster health is yellow and not green. Could you please help me?


Few things to check:

  • Your elasticsearch logs for both nodes
  • The output of GET /_cat/nodes?v in Kibana dev console

I am unable to start the second node. Could you guide me how to start another node from same directory?

Is it for test purposes?

Yes, it is. I am trying to understand how elasticsearch works and unable to create two nodes from same directory.

So first of all you don't need to worry about the fact the cluster is yellow then.

If you want to make it green, you can set the number of replicas to 0 instead of 1.
If you want to test how replication works on your machine, you need to either create a brand new directory for the new node or you can set the following in elasticsearch.yml:

node.max_local_storage_nodes: 2

This works for me!

Hello ,
How do I copy the aggregated data of an index to another index in elasticsearch?

This is not related. Please open a new question.

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