Cluster.initial_master_nodes Settings

Hi guys

I have three node cluster using Elastic 8.6. It is in operation for more than a year. We are going to upgrade to 8.8 soon. I this regard I have a question on cluster.initial_master_nodes setting. This setting is still enabled. But as per this document Bootstrapping a cluster | Elasticsearch Guide [8.8] | Elastic , it appears we should comment this setting as this is only one-off requirement.

Should this (cluster.initial_master_nodes) be removed or commented in elasticsearch.yml ?

Yes removed or commented it out.

In the documentation you reference, there is a large warning why you should remove it complete with explanation of the risk if you do not.


Greate Appreciated, Thanks Stephen. Actually, that big warning alerted me. Would it be prudent to comment this specific setting in all nodes and do a rolling start? Data node first and master node last. Obviously, start nodes when cluster health is Green.

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