Cluster Problem pt2

Hi, all I have been working to get an elastic stack cluster. My configration and nodes look as follows. Sorry for the terrible drawing

My elastic yml files look as such


That is the elasticsearch.yml file for my second node


This is the elasticsearch.yml file for my first node

Right now I have a heartbeats hooked up to a SQL server, which is piped to my logstash on my second node. But the kibana for that same node is throwing me this error.

I don't know if I should be doing it this way. But I am getting an index coming through to kibana, but I am not getting any data on the kibana end. I can indeed see my logs coming in on the logstash end. So I went and checked all of the stack and found that error going on in kibana.

Read this and specifically the "Also be patient" part.

It's fine to answer on your own thread after 2 or 3 days (not including weekends) if you don't have an answer.

Please format your code, logs or configuration files using </> icon as explained in this guide and not the citation button. It will make your post more readable.

Or use markdown style like:


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There's a live preview panel for exactly this reasons.

Lots of people read these forums, and many of them will simply skip over a post that is difficult to read, because it's just too large an investment of their time to try and follow a wall of badly formatted text.
If your goal is to get an answer to your questions, it's in your interest to make it as easy to read and understand as possible.
Please update your post.

Also share elasticsearch logs.

I though it would be easier just to give screen shots since I am screen shooting from a separate vm, and I can't copy and paste things from there.

Also I am doing exactly what the last engineer told me to do. I posted my error logs, and what those logs were in relation to. I have also seen other people post screen shots of their errors in the past has that guideline changed at all? I am really trying to conform as much as I can and make everything as smooth as I can for you guys.

It's not. Hard to read (think of mobile phones). Not searchable. We can't copy and paste to propose some changes...


Could you also answer my last question?

Also share elasticsearch logs.

Ah true Ill make all the screen shots to actual code I didn't know you guys actually take the code and test it out.


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