Cluster Red after scale down with allocation_status = fetching_shard_data

Each of my index is 12 shards. I was running a 6R6P cluster(2 shards per partition).
I recently scaled it down to 1R1P configuration.

During the scale down, I reduced the replicacount to 0. After this, the cluster remained green for ~5-6 mins and then suddenly turned Red with unassinedinfo

"unassigned_info": {
      "allocation_status": "fetching_shard_data",
      "details": "node_left[FtEWJRnCSUGc5U0m6ASKDg]",
      "reason": "NODE_LEFT"

The unassigned shard index[8] is missing all segment files and is completly empty. How could the cluster be green when the only available copy of the shard was empty?

Could I be running into this :
I'm working with ES5.6

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