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We have a running two node Elasticsearch cluster running v 1.7 that sadly we cannot upgrade :frowning:
Is it possible to add an Elasticsearch v.6.3 to the cluster so that all data is replicated one way from the v1.7 nodes to the v6.3 node?

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No, that is not possible. They are not at all compatible. All nodes in a cluster should have exactly the same version.

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Adding to what @Christian_Dahlqvist said that you can start a brand new cluster using 6.3.0 and hopefully be able to use the reindex from remote API to read the data from the cluster version 1.7 and then reindex in the local cluster (6.3).
When done, switch off the 1.7 cluster.

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Thanks for the idea.
Just for reference, these scripts can be reused to migrate the whole db:

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