Syncing data between two different clusters of different version

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Is there a way to sync data between two different clusters which are running under different versions..?

If not is there a way to get any alerts from elastic search when there is an insert,update or delete..?

are there any tools available to dump data from lower version of elastic search(1.7.x) into higher version of elastic search(5.6.x) with supports token type authentication..?

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1: _reindex
whitelist with this
2:Snapshot And Restore

Thanks for the reply andy_zhou,

Is it possible to use remote reindex api to use with kerberos authentication..?

As these versions are not compatible and mappings have changed, you will need to reindex. If you instead moved to version 6.3 of Elasticsearch, you could use the reindex API to pull data from the old 1.7 cluster.

Thanks for the replay Christian_Dahlqvist

I have two more questions

  1. I need to maintain two clusters in sync, in this case how do i sync the real time data between the two which means i will get events to only one system. so how do i track these events and update the second cluster accordingly.

  2. I am using scroll API with 1.7.x cluster which i was able to execute successfully first time then i get a scroll id and when i make second request with scroll id as header i am getting HTTP 200 status but i don't see any response object any thoughts on this (note : using curl with negotiation )

I do not know of any way to do that, so you may need to develop a custom script or application for that.

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