Clustered bar charts

I am trying to create a clustered bar chart to analyse the memory usage as below but unable to build it -

Here is the input file -
{"MEM": {"total":4056828, "used":3097068,"free":959760}, "CPU": {"CPU1":2.2, "CPU2":5.2},"time": "2018-02-14T28:25:43.511Z"}
{"MEM": {"total":4056828, "used":3097068,"free":959760}, "CPU": {"CPU1":3.2, "CPU2":4.2},"time": "2018-02-15T18:25:43.511Z"}

Can someone please help me here.
Thank you in advance.

Looks to me like you could create a bar chart with sum(total), sum(used), and sum(free) and split by a date histogram with a daily interval.

@lukas Thank you for helping me out here :slight_smile:


I tried creating the bar chart sum(....Load_1) and sum(...Load_2) in Y axis and split by date histogram with second internal. But I couldn't get the clustered bar chart in Kibana .

Please let me know if I am missing something here.
Here is the chart and sample data

chart -

Sample data -

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