Using groups in Histogram

I have the following fields in my Kibana Index pattern for a financial transaction application:
Transaction Id, Transaction Type, Response Code, Datetime

I want to display a histogram, where the X-axis will be the dates, in Y axis, I want to display the counts of different Response Codes. For example, If for a day, the response code counts are as below:
00 -- 1
E1 -- 3
E2 -- 4

The bar on that day will have three divisions, with a total height of 8(1+3+4), having three divisions, having height 1 for 00, 3 for E1, 4 for E2.

Can you please suggest how can I create such a visualization in Kibana?

Dear Kibana experts, any clue on a possible solution to get such a grouped histogram?

This can be made using the vertical bar chart visualization. On the y-axis we want count, on the x-axis we want a date histogram aggregation on our date field, and a terms sub-aggregation on our response code field.
It might look something like:

Thanks a lot!