How to show kibana histogramme with two files values

Hello ,

i have the following index with these values

and i want to show a histogramme like this :
1- X-Axis contains the value of the Code filed.
2 - Y-Axis contains the value of the Amount filed.

can you please show me how to acheive this i'm new user of kibana dashboard

Hey Ali,

Kibana's visualization tooling works by grouping sets of data together. Typically it won't plot flat x and y values. In this limited data set we can make it work. Scatter plots are difficult with large amounts of data so we have to group it together

Under visualize, select bar chart and the metric aggregation will be max on 'Amount' and the bucket aggregation will be terms on Code. In this case Kibana will make buckets of data (each code) and then performs some math on that bucket. If there are multiple rows with the same Code in this case it would take the largest Amount.

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