How to put two histograms in one plot?


I would like to put two histogram with similar topic in one plot for comparison. But I could not find how to do it. May I know how to do that?

Thanks in advance.

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Hello Vernal,

You might find the thread below useful! Depending on your specific use case, Vega (still experimental) might be a good fit.



Hi Aaron,

I tried Vega before. But even for one histogram, it does not work at all. I have tried about one week, but it still cannot work, which made me really frustrated. Could you help take a look what is wrong with my code? Or maybe this is caused by bugs in Kibana, not in my code?Thanks a lot!

"$schema": "",
"data": {
"url": {
"%context%": "true",
"index": "ge3_core_stats*",
"size": 10000,
"format": {"property":"hits.hits"}
"mark": "bar",
"encoding": {
"x": {
"bin": "binned",
"field": "_source.avg_volt",
"type": "quantitative"
"y": {
"aggregate": "count",
"type": "quantitative"

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