Multiple visualization in same chart in Kibana

Is it possible to create multiple visualization in a single chart ? i want to implement a graph like below. any ideas or explanations are welcome.

x-axis contains the service name and the y-axis contains the count.
Bar chart represents Success and the Line chart represents Failure

Hi @Joeltstephen,

various visualization types support multiple metrics at once:

  • In the normal line/bar chart you can just add multiple metrics on the y-axis

    and set their chart type individually
  • Timelion allows for simple composition of multiple time series
  • Similarly, the Time Series Visual Builder can display multiple graphs in one chart.

Thanks for the quick response @weltenwort.
Actually what i need is to create the visualization for one field. In my scenario the data contains only one field that is for status. The fields contains either '1' or '0'. 1 represents success and 0 represents failure. For the success we are using bar chart and for the failure we are using line chart. is it possible to do with kibana ?

The normal line/bar visualization can not use different representations for terms of the same metrics. TImelion and the Time Series Visual Builder could do that if the x-axis was time instead of categories.

A metric split by terms (i.e. "0" and "1") is usually represented using stacked or interleaved charts of the same type:

You might be able to create such a mix of the same metric using the vega visualization plugin created by the community.

Thank you @weltenwort for the reply.

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