CollectD in HP-UX server B.11.31 U ia64


I am working on CollectdD with logstash ,i need to install collectd in hp ux server,please help me with the installation process and list of dependencies i need to install.

server details :

HP-UX server B.11.31 U ia64

user : without root


Here is how you can combine Collectd and Logstash:

But this has nothing to do with Beats project I guess. Better to ask in Logstash respective forum?


Hi ChrsMark,
Iam following this link only for collectd plugin in logstash,what my concern is i need to collect metrics from HP UX server.So i need to install that in HP,for that i have downloaded binary tar file there i did ./configure and make install.In that process am getting errors like yacc scanner.c etc,so i want to know what are the libraries i need to install in hp ux inorder to install collectd and my logstash is in linux server version 7.2.0


The collectd download page gives some high-level pointers on debugging building from source. What tools/libraries are listed in the README?

A summary at the end of the ./configure run will tell you which libraries could be found and the appropriate plugins will be enabled automatically based on that. If one or more plugins that you need are disabled, check the ”Prerequisites“ section in the README file to find out which libraries your are missing.

In the past, I've had good luck finding prebuilt software packages for HP-UX at the following site, but I did not find collectd.

You may be able to use this site to track down needed dependencies.


we have a similar Problems compiling collectd on HPUX.
For now we are stuck, we don´t find a solution.

We digged very deep into compiling, and stay at:
Can´t compile with CC (from HP) and GCC (HPUX Connect). Tried many options. All Libraries are there.

For now, HPUX and Elastic is very hard to implement us. We don´t have a solution for now.

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