Logs, metrics and APM on Solaris, HPUX - I know it's not supported - but related question anyway

Hello together,

we are using the elastic stack (elastic agent, APM agent, heartbeat, logstash, kibana). So far so fine.

Now, we have some legacy systems esp. Solaris, HPUX and also RHEL 6.

There were already multiple threads regarding these topics individually. (Metricbeat for Solaris x86; Is there anyway collect logs from HP-UX hosts?)

But what would be the best holistic solution, which works on all 3 OS and covers logs, metrics and APM.

We would like to prevent having to use a different tool for each system.

So for instance collectd work on Solaris, but there seem to be problems with HPUX: CollectD in HP-UX server B.11.31 U ia64

Thank you very much

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