Collecting Storage metrics and logs into ELK stack

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Hi All,

I want to perform SAN analytics and do the correlations of Server Metrics with Storage metrics. Storage here I am referring to is - EMC SAN Storage, HP SAN Storage or IBM SAN storage.

How can I collect SAN Metrics and logs from various Storage vendors and put it into ELK stack ? Please provide step by step configuration and the required tools for the same ? I dont see any Beats module for the same ? Please help as this is bit urgent.


How do i collect logs from IBM SAN controller, SAN Directors, San storage arrays
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What have you tried? Are you having problems, what are they?

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Actually I have not started doing it yet as I have to first figure it out on how we can collect SAN metrics and log data into ELK, as I dont see any documentation on that. If you can help provide some pointers or documents, that would be helpful. I need this info to first make the customer understand on what will be approach to collect that data into ELK ?

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