Collecting specific data from within each virtual machine

Hello Forum,

I've just begun to use Kibana (ELK) so my understanding is very limited at our company but I'm hoping this forum can educate me or lead me in the right direction.

I have a need to collect various data from within each of our windows and Linux virtual machines such as what applications are installed and the version of these applications as well as other data to create various reports. Currently we use PowerShell and Bash scripts to connect to each server to collect this data. I'd like to have this data collected and placed into our ELK stack. Can ELK do this and if so how?

Thank you in advance for any direction this forum can provide me

Thanks for raising this question @greavette but this forum is meant to discuss Elastic Cloud Enterprise (ECE).

The Elastic Stack can definitely be used to monitor your environment, and your question seems like it's better suited to the posted in either Beats or Elasticsearch forums.

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