Color change based on field value instead of count

I'm trying to create a visualization, which will allow me to show my data from a community created Beats - Processbeat. It's a monitoring of processes with statuses like "RUNNING" or "STOPPED".
Now to the point, below is an example of a Waffle:

And it would be perfectly fine, if only I could choose 2 colors - Green - for field "STATUS"="RUNNING" and Red for field "STATUS"="STOPPED".
Instead Kibana automatically assigns colors.

Is there a way to fix this in the newest version of Kibana, or do I need to create an issue on Github for future release?

Hi @alytkowski

there's this feature request which will provide a way to associate a color to a "term" or category: [Lens] Support categorical coloring by name · Issue #101942 · elastic/kibana · GitHub .

Right now there's some sort of workaround to color terms with a specific color, which is remapping the field values to a number via a runtime field (i.e. RUNNING: 1, STOPPED: 0 ).
The only problem is that you need a Last value operation to pick only the latest status in the time range, and that won't support the palette coloring in Lens yet.