Color palette Tag Cloud in canvas


I have a word cloud built in kibana that I want to bring to canvas, which so far is working properly. My questions are reagrding the color of the cloud, and the filters used in canvas.

Let's say I have a dropdown with country names and I would like to select one country from the dropdown, and exclude that country from the word cloud in canvas. Also, I would like to show all countries with just one color (no gradients), something like black.

I tried to play around with CSS but so far nothing is working. I've noticed that we have an option colors (something related with seriesStyle) in the expression editor in canvas (for the savedVisualization ), which I also tried but I'm guessing the syntax that I used is not the correct one. I'm having a hard time finding info regarding CSS in canvas for kibana visualizations, but I would really like this word cloud to work!!

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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