Color range on Metric Widget not working on Average Metric

I have a dashboard that is using a color range on two metrics:

  • The first one is a numeric field (count) and the color range works perfectly.
  • The problem appears on the second metric which is also numeric but is an Average instead of Count . In this case, color ranges are not working.

Is this an issue or am I doing something wrong?

Many thanks!

Hey! What version of kibana are you using?
Can you also share a screenshot of how metric chart looks?

I am using
v 7.10.2

This is the edition view of the chart: (deployments/week is ok, the hours not)

And this is the chart with real data:

The - is coloured green because it is treated as 0. This is a bit confusing I know.
About the 41.32 (the red one on the second screenshot) I cant reproduce it tbh. So you are expecting green here right? Because it falls on the first rule [0, 48], right?

Yes, I would expect green because it fits on the first rule [0,48]. I've also tried setting the range as float numbers but it is not also working.

Can you send me the saved object of this visualization? It might help me to replicate the issue. Also the mapping of the maxCommitsLeadTime. Thanx!

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