Columns width in tables


  • Using ELK 6.8.8 on premises

Is there a way to set the width of the columns in the Kibana tables manually?

If the table has many columns, the content is truncated and part of it goes to a second line.

This problem can be alleviated a bit by expanding the width of the entire table, but even so, columns with higher content will be affected.

For example, it is confusing or unsightly to read an IP address affected by this problem:
54 "

I would like, if possible, to be able to set or limit the width of specific columns within a table, so that their width is not affected even if the width of the table is changed.

Thank you

Hi Manuel

If you are referring the the columns of the table in Discover, this is currently not possible, but will be in the future, here is the PR that will introduce our EuiDataGrid to Discover, that let's you define the width of the table:


I will look forward to this new feature. Thank you

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