Kibana table resizing of columns

Dear team,
Is there a way to resize columns per user needs?
We have a dashboard in 1 space, which is used by multiple users, each with their own monitor sizes.
That causes an issue with different width of table columns. If someone changes the width of columns in Discover, the columns are way too big/small for others.
Is there a plan to add a feature of auto-fit columns to resolution size? Or is there a current way to do this per user, not by changing any object?

By default, if you do not customize the column widths, they will auto-fit and resize depending on the size of the resolution of the browser. However, if you customize the widths, they will have a static size.

If this doesn't accomplish what you need, then feel free to open an enhancement request in GitHub.

Thank you Lukas, that was the case - I had to rebuild our table without customizing the width, and then they autofit.

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