Discover Report Column wrap

is there a way to adjust the column width in a discover report? Just to understand, what is the current logic by which the column width is being determined in the discover report..? Some of the fields with larger lengths of data are getting wrapped quite inconsistently. Thanks..

I dont know what Kibana version you are using but you could disbable Document Explorer or Classic view. I dont know which version this was introduced.

By setting doc_table:legacy to off in Advanced Settings in Kibana or in Discover click on Options and I believe there is a link to the configuration.

This could solve your problem.

Thank you.. in particular on the Options tab in Discover, which setting would lead us to increasing column width? The description wasn't clear to indicate any of this. Thanks..

If you set doc_table:legacy to Off reload discover and add some fields then you will be able to adjust the column width.


very helpful, thanks a lot

On the same note, is there a way to wrap the column headers in a Discover report?thanks..

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