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Is there possible to combine 2 visualization in 1 (like in the image below ). So I have vertical bar visualization of data and I want to add a line visualization over that. I have to mention that the data source is the same . Is this possible?

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Hi @AlexM566 ,

in Lens bar, area and line chart have the concept of "layering" where you can stack different configurations of them, even different chart types.

In the example below I'm mixing stacked bar chart with a line chart for a date histogram:

You can see that on the top left of each layer panel there's a chart type icon you can choose from.

Sharing the same date histogram is the best option, but Lens does not limit you to that.
Each layer is kind of independent and it could work cross-index too.

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Hi @Marco_Liberati

You literally saved me.

Thank you so much !
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