Combine ingest and coordinating role at 7.9

At 7.8 elastic version I use one node as coordinator only + ingest. But now I want update to 7.9 version. And now I am not able set
node.ingest: true
for coordinator node. Because I getting error
can not explicitly configure node roles and use legacy role setting [node.ingest]=[true]
In documentation wrote thal all nodes by default has ingest role:
All nodes enable ingest by default, so any node can handle ingest task...
but when I have launched cluster without single node with ingest role I have got error that need
at least one ingest node.
And at 7.9 version for definitions role using
node.roles: [ ingest ]
node.roles: - coordinator only
I am not able create config for ingest + coordinator by one node.
Am I clear understood that imposible ingest + coordinator node role use at elastic 7.9? And why ingest ability not work on all nodes by dafault?