Combine results of multi field group by

I have created multiple field aggregation using java api below is the output,

Key : name Value : [{"doc_count":2,"key":"bhounsley"}]
Key : id Value : [{"doc_count":1,"key":1},{"doc_count":1,"key":4}]

But here I want to get output in this fomat is it possible?

name       id    count
Bhounsley   1      1

Bhounsley   4      1

Raghu       2      1

Basically I want to combine results of multi field aggregation. I am doing this through java api.

Hi @chethanBG.

i think you are looking like below output ?

healthrecordkey| sex | firstname
10101 |F |Firstname111
201010 |M |Firstname211
3202 |F |Firstname3343


healthrecordkey sex firstname
120202 F Firstname1
22828 M Firstname2
327272 F Firstname3

if yes please reply ?
either leave it?


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